The old name of Bitez was "Ağaçlı" becaus it remained between the large tangerine gardens, which invites to long relaxing trips. The village, the main settlement area, is a bit away from the beach. Bitez Yalısı means the beach of the village.

A sad love story here has been the subject of Çökertme folk song. Two young lovers Gülsüm and Halil, who are bound to each other by prohibited love, depart from Çökertme to reach Aspat. The friends they think will help them actually put a sleepy plant in their food and when open their eyes two lovers find themselves in Bitez. Forbidden love is buried with them in the territory of Bitez.

There are not too  many buildings to survive in Bitez. Only a stone house and cisterns belong to the Ottoman period. The summer concerts organized by the town of Bitez are among the important events of the town.

Bitez which has a favorable wind for surfing on the Bodrum peninsula, offers a visual feast with colorful surfers every year at the sea.

Bitez, where tennis, football and basketball fields are located, is one of the rare holiday resorts that can protect both the modern holiday village and the village. On Sundays, many people from the peninsula prefer here for brunch. During the summer evenings, there is a quiet and clean walkway on the beach, cafes and restaurants on this road. According to most people, the place is suitable for accommodation in the peninsula Bitez.

Dorman Suites Hotel - Bitez Beach

5 min / 1.6 km by car